Our Services

When I am designing a new brow I try to capture one’s personality. Some people like a subtle and natural looking brow while others prefer a more dramatic arch. The Ideal shape is different for everyone. Creating the perfect brow is more than trimming, tweezing and waxing. It’s about creating a look, a style, and a feeling that’s incredible. I am creating beauty!

Our Services

Brow wax $15

Professionally waxed eyebrows can help get that perfect shape in place.

Brow tint $20

Brow tinting is a service using a semi-permanent dye made just for brow hairs, giving them a darker and fuller appearance.

Brow wax/tint $30

Brow sculpting that includes tint to enhance your natural shape.

Lip wax $5

Removes your upper lip hair.

NBL Lash Lift $65

Curls your natural lashes. Lasts 8-12 weeks.

Chin wax $10

Removes your chin hair.

Sides $10

Removes your side facial hair.

Microblading $350

Semi permanent cosmetic procedure for your brows that lasts 1-2 years. Say good bye to brow pencils and powders!

Full face $45

Includes brow wax, lip, chin, & sides hair removal.

Exfoiliating enzyme scrub $10

Add on treatment to get rid of dry/dead skin. This treatment will help prevent ingrown hairs as well as making the tint last longer!

Microblading Touch Up $100

6-8 week touch up to fill in any gaps if needed.

Premium Experience

Many of my clients have had a bad eyebrow experience in the past which has developed into an eyebrow phobia. I don’t just sit you down and start shaping your brow. I take time with each client and give them the ultimate brow experience. I explain and teach my ideas and techniques before and after they see their brows. No one leaves my chair until their brows are perfect.

The right attitude and patience are the key elements I emphasize while shaping the brows. The results of my approach using special eyebrow waxing techniques have led me to create and promote my own brand. I always suggest to my clients anyone can wax your brows but the key is taking the time in achieving the correct shape. I am a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Georgia.